Espresso Set with Beautiful Square Cups

If you challenge a creative mind to do something, it will always come up with some interesting ideas and solutions for anything. In this case, the designer turned out to be really genius when he came up with the idea of ​​creating a special Espresso set with beautiful square cups. Everything about this set is special and that’s what makes it so original and unique. First of all, the six espresso cups included in the set are square and have no handles. Then they have a special place at the top where you can put the teaspoon that you use to mix the sugar into the coffee. Putting the spoon there will ensure that you can find and not misplace it at all times.

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The spoons are also square, almost flat, and made of metal, so I’d advise you to be careful if you’re going to heat the espresso in the microwave. But that’s not all: the wooden tray on which the espresso set stands is specially made for this set and has removable coasters, also made of wood. They just come out of the tray and you can use them on the table. Designer Fellina Sok-Cham made this set out of bamboo in 2008 and now you can order it for $65.

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