How Siding Can Improve Home Protection and Appeal

When most people think of ways to increase curb appeal, they immediately jump to painting the front door, trimming the lawn, and even recoating the driveway.

Not everyone realizes that siding goes a long way. Installing attractive siding can help improve your roadside appeal and protect it from the elements.

Whether you’re replacing old, damaged siding or installing on a new home, here’s everything you need to know to increase curb appeal and give your home the protection it needs with siding.

Modern house with siding

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Siding or siding is a layer of building material that covers some or all of the exterior walls of a home. It can be made from different types of materials, including:

  • vinyl
  • Stone
  • wood
  • fiber cement
  • Piece
  • brick

Fastening to the outer walls is carried out with nails or advanced adhesives. But this is not DIY work. To perform a proper installation, you need to hire an experienced and trusted siding contractor to do the job.

Siding has two main purposes:

  • It adds significant aesthetic appeal to your home
  • It offers weather protection.

Siding protects walls from damage in heavy rain and storms, which prevents water infiltration and mold growth.

Siding also effectively insulates your home by keeping out the heat in summer and the frigid air in winter.

Four reasons to install siding this season

1. More aesthetics

By increasing your roadside appeal, you increase the value of your property. That means you can make more money if you’re looking to sell your home just because your siding enhances its appearance.

There are many fairing styles and colors to choose from. So when you do an installation, you have the opportunity to give your home a whole new look, which also increases a home’s market value.

However, a home with no siding – or with old and worn siding – does not sell as well as a home with neat or modern siding.

2. It’s eco-friendly

Today’s cladding materials are environmentally friendly. It improves your home’s energy efficiency due to effective insulation and can last for many years, protecting your home from replacement and repairs.

Vinyl siding is a fantastic eco-friendly choice. It is made of raw materials and at the end of its life it can be easily recycled in your home.

3. It can save you money

Cladding insulation reduces the load on your heating and cooling system. With less air escaping the building, your HVAC unit doesn’t have to use as much energy to keep the air temperature at its optimum. This can prove to be a huge financial saving on your utility bills.

4. An opportunity to repair other damage

Old siding can allow water to enter your home, causing major structural damage. Usually, you won’t notice the cracks that form until you do some maintenance.

So by installing new fairings, or at least replacing some of the worn parts, you will spot warning signs early and prevent intensive repairs down the road.

Siding deserves attention

Installing new siding is a great way to protect your home from water damage, insulate it, and improve its appearance. It also gives you the opportunity to make any necessary repairs to the exterior walls while you work on them.

Depending on the styles you choose, installing siding doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Ask your contractor about siding options that fit your budget.

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